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Old April 10th 2016, 12:15
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Brake and rotor questions (944, 911 and CSP)

I've got a few questions in regards to calipers and rotors. Long story short I've got 2 beetles. (1) 72 Super and (1) 70 standard beetle. The 72 is fitted with 86 944T rotors, 4 piston calipers and VDub custom front hubs. The 70 is fitted with standard VW front and rear discs with stock calipers. The 72's brakes are extremely overkill for what I'm using the car for and I'm thinking about downgrading them slightly. The 70's brakes are good but I want them better. So, here's what I'm wondering:

-The 72 is running 4 piston brembos on all sides. I want to downgrade the rears to 86-92 911 C2 2 piston calipers. Has anyone run this setup in a beetle. Do I need to switch up my 944 master cylinder to something else or use a proportioning valve or am I good with what I have? I would be using the 944 rear rotor and e-brake setup. And depending on the caliper spacing either retaining my rear mount or making a custom one.

-I'm looking for decals for my brembos....I ground off the Porsche raised lettering (its a VW) so I would like to get a good set of VW decals. Anyone have a good source for these?

-Now here's the fun part....Since I would now have an extra set of 4 piston calipers I would like to use them on the 70. CSP sells a vented front rotor that's 1pc (hub and rotor are 1). After looking thru their site it appears the rotor is 20mm thick. Porsche rears are 24mm thick. But, CSP does have an option to use Porsche 4 piston calipers. I'm assuming these are rears that are either using stock pads or a spacer to make up the 4mm difference. Has anyone used these rotors and made up their own setup?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Old April 12th 2016, 14:58
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I'll bite..
The 944T rears have 28/30mm pistons. C2 rears are 44mm. For simple comparison of piston area:

944T 1323mm2
C2 rear 1521mm2
ghia front (40mm) 1257mm2

Since there is only 5% difference between ghia front caliper and 944T, I'd leave the 944T setup on the super. Put the C2s on the front of 70 with boxster front rotors (298x24). This will require 16s to clear. For a hub get some thick face threaded ghia rotors in porsche pattern and turn down the OD to 157mm. Pressed studs will not work because wall thickness from stud hole to OD of the hub is thin and will crack the hub. This is an issue with cast iron rotors/hubs. Not an issue with aluminum or forged steel (like OEM Porsche)

The C2 rears and 944T rears are direcly interchangeable.

The CSP setup uses boxster rear calipers (28/30mm) which fit 20mm rotor.

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Old May 18th 2016, 01:54
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Yay Flat!
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