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Old July 27th 2013, 20:58
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2413cc Type 4 turbo ready engine for sale Price: $18585

Type 4 engine case machined for V2 98mm Nickies, Shubek Type 4 ceramic lifters, internally clearanced for 80mm stroke / Scat 2.0 H Beam rods.

8 ceramic type 4 lifters, 0.9455 in dia (Shubeck, 2002)

Nickies V2 98mm cylinders, comes with custom JE 98mm pistons, coated tops, skirts, 23.5cc dish and rings / tool steel pins (LN Engineering)

Custom copper base and head gaskets, 8.4:1 CR (LN Engineering)

Scat H Beam rods, 5.325 ", 22mm pin, Chevy 2" journal, Clearanced for 80mm stroke (Jake Raby)

80mm DPR CW crank, Chevy 2" Journals, Ion Nitrided, comes with original NOS Kolbenshmidt main bearings, coated Buick 2" rod bearings (Jake Raby)

Billet Type 4 DS Pump 38mm scavenge side, 24mm pressure side, with -8AN fittings (Thorsten Pieper)

Turbo prepped heads (new AMC castings) cut for V2 98mm Nickies, 42x38mm, twin plug, 50.5cc chambers (Hoffman Automotive Machine)

ARP head stud / through bolt kit for type 4 engine (LN Engineering)

Custom cam for turbo use (Jake Raby)

Magnum billet steel type 4 straight cut gears for crank / cam

Manton chromoly pushrods (uncut) comes with tips (Jake Raby)

Pushrod tubes x 8, comes with o rings (Victor Reinz)

1.7 rockers (complete set), comes with original Porsche swivel feet adjusters (Jake Raby)

HD rocker shafts with Aluminum spacers for 1.7 rockers (Jake Raby)

Billet throttlebodies (50mm tapered to 45mm), 2 x twin set (Extrudabody), comes with empi 3/4 bolt manifolds , drilled for injector holders

Double Day Racing billet aluminium weld in injector holders x 4

Complete Sync Link throttle system, new in box (Jake Raby)

DTM V2 Stage 4 cooling system, 55a alternator, welded and balanced fan (Jake Raby)

Hidden Crankfire trigger with sensor and mount

SACO Billet Dry sump pulley, 5.75" with belt

Misc, valve covers, push rod retainer springs, cork gaskets, extra flywheel shims to set end play, under cylinder tin

Items required to complete
1. Flywheel / clutch / pressure plate assembly
2. Header
3. Turbo
4. Engine Management

Engine has been assembled with Joe Gibbs assembly grease, and sealed with sealants purchased from Jake Raby. An Excel spreadsheet with all of the vital measurements and clearances will be provided, as well as flow #'s for the heads. Engine is capable of 400 hp with the right turbo, and was built using all the best parts available. I do have a Tilton 550 ft lb twin disk clutch / PP / custom flywheel (new), BAS 21152 header, GT3076R (New) with 0.63 exhaust AR available (not included in engine price). Prefer local sale, but might ship depending on location. Price is FIRM .... this engine was built for my Germanlook project but getting out of the hobby.

No time wasters ... I wont even reply to your inquiry ... dont waste my time and I wont waste yours. Let me know if you want any additional pictures of any of the components not pictured.
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