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Old June 19th 2005, 04:47
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Sving / Irs rear Shock lenght

Hello .

If we use a , 1972 model t1 as example .

Is the lenght of the rear shocks the same on both sving axle and IRS . ?

As i have converted my sving axle car into irs , and trying to use my " old " konis, They seem about 1.5 cm to short . This is when the springplate is in " resting " position . Car on stands .

One possible reason is that the irs spring plates are thinner " vertical way so to speak " . So they will take the car further down before they hit the metall in the frame , where the spring plate rests when jacked up / on stands .

Any inputs boys ?


Puma .
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Old June 21st 2005, 12:48
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hmmm...really don't know but if you wanted why not just slowing put some wait to the spring plates 'til the shocks fit, frankly I don't think the shock will ever fully extend.

I looked at and they bunched in the shocks for bugs at 66-73. and because of this overlap of years and differences in swing and irs, well I wouldn't be too worried. (this was for gas shocks the stocks ones were still split depending on suspension type).
Rip H. Van Winkle "The Ultimate Sleeper"
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