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Old April 21st 2005, 20:34
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Exclamation need help...customs broker??

So my shortblock (on a small skid in a box), got set out today from Cali using Yellow Frieght. They just called me and said that they needed to know who is my customs broker?

Having used UPS and Fedex before this never was a problem.

i have no idea what to do. Please help.

call me, PM me, email...whatever.

i'm working the night(graveyard) shift today and i'll be up all day tommorrow, so you guys can all me whenever. I also have access to the net from work.
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Old April 22nd 2005, 09:13
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I beleive UPs and FedEx have their own customs brokers.

Try this link ...

You should be able to find something here.

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Old April 23rd 2005, 01:00
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Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: toronto, ontario, canada
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Talked to Yellow frieght this morning, and they will broker the shipment for me, bonding it until it gets to their Toronto hub, where i will pick it up and pay the additional expenses (duty/taxes/fees).
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Old April 25th 2005, 17:50
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Future reference


You can broker it yourself IF you have the time; it is no big deal other than
a little running around to the Canada Customs office off Dixie Road in behind the
airport. You can contact them by phone (or website) and you need to bring
along some paperwork (ie. invoice, bill of sale, etc) then Customs staff will
handle the additional paperwork forms for you, to calculate the duty (if any)
taxes (PSt & GST = 15%) before stamping and giving you release papers
showing customs clearance for the Shipper to release your goods to you.

(NOTE: Always keep in mind that IF you are importing Used or Old or Antique
auto parts componetns, etc. make sure you MENTION that since they are
easier on you and not subject to any duties.) Trust this helps you and others
considering this process. I have done it a couple of times with larger items,
like engine tranny, etc. Have a great day !


PS If you are talking with Sandeep, have him call me since I misplaced his
home/cell tel#.
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