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Old July 20th 2009, 00:59
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1303 german look build up

Alright guys... i have to aplogise (spelling) for the long wait for the pics. but my memory cars took a crap on me, so i had to wait to get the ol pay check to get another to upload the pics of my super. after all the good resposce and support ive gotten already from just my into... ive been full steam ahed on this car with what my tight buget will allow!

i got the car for $500 with a "supposidly" rebuilt 1600/ and trans. so after diggin thru the glove box, turns out the guy was tellin thr truth, but the motor is not REALLY now.. it got like 20k on it since the last rebuild, but soon ill be puttin in a type 4 when funds allow. but will be a good motor to get me around with. the car did not start when i got it, and as to why the very car-retarted previous owner sold the car. after some testing this and that, looking on the samba threads, i found out their was like 3 problem ALL having to do with why the car whould not start. first off the seat belt interlock relay was bad, so i jumped that...fixed. next issue being that the plastic ignition switch behind the tumbler was bad, fixed that, then the dizzy clamp was so streached out the dizzy would just pull strait out, fixed that. next the points where soo bad they had holes on both sides of the contact points, fixed that. lastly the fuel pump is bad, so im gonna get a block off plate for the block and just run a electric pump, i still have to get a pump and block off plate. but other than that, ive put cas in the bowl of the carb and all works and it does start now.

i was gonna wait on the body work and what not, but after seeing the color and how i hate it soo bad, i said F it and im gonna do a full inside and out respray. plus this will be my winter car cause my poor (rusty) 58 rag will not last another salt lake winter. it ate my car last winter, so i might as well get all the rust repair outta the way now and have a good solid car to start off with. really the only rust on this car is the usual spot on the heater channel behind the front wheel, and of corse the darn "C" pillers are gone too. so thanks to my roomate, we got a doner 73' standard bug that we are using as a doner for my car and some for his as well. well ill quit blabbing on now and get to the pics!!

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