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Old July 10th 2010, 20:11
Supa Ninja Supa Ninja is offline
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Supa's back you'all!

First off I have been away from here for way to long, second of all I got me feet wet in the tuner world and I realized I'm veedub to the bone. It's good to back home.

I just purchased my new project car....'65 notch...badass yes, road worthy, not quite yet.

I already talked to Lanner and its not going to be a problem to stuff 951 brake bits and some twists under the fenders. It's got a 1600 sp t3 motor right now. I have some ideas about power plants but I haven't decided yet.

hopefully i'll have her dragged home here in a couple of days, new tires, get the lights working, and tune up the brakes so i can drive it. squirt some paint on it, then pursue the GL theme.

I did learn alot in the tuner world about fuel injection/management and turbo's, so don't be surprised if this build gets a lil crazy, hehe.

I'm back home!

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Old July 11th 2010, 15:14
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Good to see you back. Love them Notch Backs.
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Old July 11th 2010, 23:13
Supa Ninja Supa Ninja is offline
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Thanks man, i'm glad to be here. I've had a huge hard-on for them for a very long time. whats funny is i got it for what rough supers go for around here, times have changed.
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Old July 12th 2010, 03:07
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I'm loving the idea of a bada$$ GL notch!!

If I could just get paid for my sleepless nights....
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Old August 20th 2010, 02:18
Supa Ninja Supa Ninja is offline
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here's the update:

I have been busting my behind putting this thing back together. seems like every single part on this car is either missing or broken, and type 3's are pain to find parts.

shift linkage is hooked up
has brakes (the NOS dual circuit master cylinder needs a rebuild, blew one of the seals out, but the rest are hard and brittle)
got the 1600 dp running and it friggin knocks
pans bolted down with a new seal
steering works awesome
electrical is good as new
lights all work, horn too
glass is in
tons of little things too(wipers, window regulators, seat belts, trunk latches...)

a few things i noticed- all the ball joints are brand new, as are the tranny mounts and the rear torsion bar bushings.

so i have a junk motor, i think its time to give it the ole type 4 treatment
here's what i ordered/ordering
bus 2L
411 air duct (score!)
bus 72-74 heater pipes
bus 72-74 bugpack header/muffler
AEM UEGO wideband
KEP flywheel/clutch

i'll be changing a few of the other bits and whatnot after a compression test and fire her up see what i have to work with. i want to be able to close the engine lid and have a proper install(that means using the cars air ducts for the cooling air, 411 air duct FTW), i'm also planning on using most of the stock FI. I'm going to upgrade the throttle body to one with a TPS, maybe add a barometric pressure sender, might even do a knock sensor who knows. I just know that a local engine builder things i'm retarded for wanting to put a type 4 in this car. i'm going to get it running, drive to his shop and show him just how simple it was.

Does anyone know what the rear torsion bar diameter is on a type 3? this thing has the softest rear suspension I have ever seen. I'm looking for some 944 torsion bars to fix that.
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Old August 20th 2010, 10:14
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Eatoniashoprat Eatoniashoprat is offline
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Will need somne verification on this but I believe fastys and notches have the same 22mm TB as a beetle, but the squarebacks are 23.5, same as a 944.
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Old August 20th 2010, 11:35
Supa Ninja Supa Ninja is offline
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I had a feeling it has the same size beetle torsions because the rear end dropped 3" when i installed the motor and i can get the backend hopping with one hand. it is a common thing with the type 3 guys to stuff squareback torsion bars into them so that makes sense.
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Old August 23rd 2010, 01:56
Clatter Clatter is offline
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get the whole torsion housing from a square if you can,
as they had some stout bracing on the housing to beef them up,
compared to fast/notch...
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Old August 23rd 2010, 02:04
Clatter Clatter is offline
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Oh, and weld some IRS brackets on it,
like they did in last months HotVWs rag...
That way you can run the early (not hard to find) front mount.
Still use the horns and bellhousing mounts (and kafer bar?).
Plus, if you want it shout, and quiet, get the rear late-style engine hangers from the IRS T3, and mod the T4 hanger to work with them.
(the rubber on the T4 hanger will need converted to solid - the ones at the case)

I got to get a build thread going....
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Old September 12th 2010, 17:19
Supa Ninja Supa Ninja is offline
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just a little update

i got the 24mm torsions bars, still awaiting install
i got the type 4 motor, still awaiting install
the damn 411 air duct fell through, i have a lead on another on, I will know tomorrow
megasquirt is assembled and ready for install
waiting on the last part of the exhaust so i can bolt it all together and see if i need to shorten anything
i got the nos master cylinder rebuilt, there was a small amount of rust inside it, just need to re-install it
i need to get the fuel return bung welded on, then i'm going to seal the inside of the tank and por 15 the outside of it

clatter-kafer cup brace won't do much good since the upper shock mounts are part of the subframe and thats all connected to the car with rubber mounts. i'm going to install a Berg tranny strap and call it done.

ninja edit- i'm looking at doing a ford edis for the ignition:
914 trigger wheel, sensor, and bracket
used ford edis w/COPs
upgrade to megasquirt 2

also I just pp'd a dude for a 411 air duct, that should be the last part that i need to get this thing up and running.
progress has slowed to a crawl since i started school.

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Old October 18th 2010, 20:29
Supa Ninja Supa Ninja is offline
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Holy crap, since I've been in school I just haven't been getting anywhere fast with this build . Anyways, I have been doing a ton of research over at stf, learning as much as I can about megasquirt. I also scored a couple of type 4 cases, a crapload of various dizzies, extra 71mm crank/rods, and some 103mm pistons and jugs, all on the cheap.

I am going to add 4 coil drivers and go with ford COPs and VR. I managed to get my hands on a ford engine harness, so I'm going with a ford TPS as well. I got the trigger wheel all sorted out. I DO NOT need to upgrade to a MS2, MS1 with MSextra firmware can handle direct ignition easily. Since I'm not using EDIS, I will have a few more awesome features at my disposal:

ign retard rev limiting
2 step launch control
shift light
plus all the rest of MSextra's awesome features.

I need to snap some pics of my wiring for MS, it turned out pretty awesome. My 2L is in pieces, I decided to split the case and make sure everything is good to go. Looks like it was recently rebuilt so i'm just going to clean it all up and reseal it (its a filthy mess ). This motor is going to be all stock(someone had converted it to a hydro cam ), I just want to get it running and sort out megasquirt. I'm saving my NIB raby cam/lifters for the 2270 build, just need a few little things and some decent heads. I kinda like the idea of having a spare motor.

I am really glad I went with megasquirt, the more I learn about it the more I like it.
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Old February 6th 2011, 13:04
Supa Ninja Supa Ninja is offline
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Posts: 627
Here's a little update:

type 4 motor is going to be reassembled soon
new Mahle mains
new raby 9530 cam
new parkerised lifters
1.7L heads with new everything opened up to 94mm
911 swivel feet adjusters
1.7L rockers
71mm crank polished and balanced
chromoly pushrods
new clutch

Rimco is still working on the heads, I still need the pushrods, but pretty much have everything else.

I also managed to score a used 091 but I need a IRS subframe before I can use it.

I also got a set of huge brembo front calipers/rotors off a ML430, but I need decide if I'm going to go with 5x130 or 5x112. Right now i'm leaning to 5x130 since the rear brakes would be a lot simpler to sort. I need wheels to, I have a soft spot in my heart for Cup 2 wheels.

There is still a bunch of little things that i need to do like sending off my type 4 injectors to get cleaned and flow tested, and i want to add a few more circuits to my MS (continous baro correction, tach driver, shift light, and launch control)

I got a set of GSXR COPs, but now I need to find some slim 14mm plugs with threaded tips (just need to go to my FLAPS and look at their plugs)

I also got a 64 notch parts car, that i cut up. I'm going to use the ft/rear aprons off that and i got 2 spots of cancer that its donating metal to. An added bonus is it came with all kinds of hard to find/$$$ goodies that my notch needed like the correct engine lid, a good steering column, and a sweet set of '62 gauges.

I have a side project going on with a set of GSXR ITB's. After I get my current setup together and running I'll concentrate on making that work, but its looking like a sweet little setup.

I have been updating my photobucket, the link is in the original post.

April is the Texas Classic, I would love to drive this thing there.
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Old September 25th 2011, 19:39
Supa Ninja Supa Ninja is offline
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Damn it's been over 6 month's since I updated you guys. I think it was may when I finally got this thing running. The bus Ljet sucked so I ditched that and installed some 38mm gsxr throttle bodies...much better

I made a blog with my setup

So I finally decided to plunge into the GL theme with this car, here's what I'm doing as far as brakes/suspension and wheels:

IRS subframe
944 S2 torsion bars
944 early Al control arms
944 turbo rear brakes
928 S4 front rotors
Mercedes ML430 front calipers
7" twists

I got a lot of work ahead of me this winter
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Old September 26th 2011, 06:45
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Good to see another type three here.
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Old October 5th 2011, 19:04
Supa Ninja Supa Ninja is offline
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Cleaned up the twists

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