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Old May 2nd 2009, 14:21
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GT Silver or Seal Grey and Carbon Fibre

I recently rejoined the German Look forum after some time away for health reasons.

I am somewhat anxious to return in earnest to my project - an off-pan restoration of my ’72 1302.

Because the heater channels need replacing, and because I’d like to modify the engine bay apron (for ease of engine re and re) and to fill in the stock tail pipe cut-outs, I will contract most of this work out.

I want to de-chrome the car, colour co-ordinate the bumpers and mirrors, install a small front chin spoiler and add some carbon fibre – for e.g. possibly head lamp surrounds. I like the colour of the old German silver arrows GP cars long before sponsorship liveries. (I specifically like the colour of the 804 that Gurney drove to victory at the '62 French GP.) I also am partial to the GT Silver or Seal Grey of the Carrera GT. I think that the teledial wheels may look good with this paint.

Because I will be running just with a 1776 for the next few years I think that I should go with a smaller lighter wheel and tire. At present I am thinking of 7” x 15” on the front and 8” x 15” on the rear (or possibly 6” and 7” respectively). I like teledial and Fuchs. Does this sound like the right size and look for a humble powered GL?

I realise that colour choice is a very personal thing. Can anyone point me to photos of GLs that are either silver or grey and that have Fuchs or teledails?

I am also looking for photos or illustrations of engine deck lid apron modifications and a supplier of carbon fibre AC VW parts.

I also need to purchase four fenders, a chin spoiler, mirrors, and running boards. Any suggestions on where to look?

I have seen a photo of a small spoiler (a wing from a new Beetle) on the engine bay lid. Is this necessary? Is it "frowned upon" by GL enthusiasts?

At present with no fenders and having not made a firm decision on wheels, tires and brakes I am in a good position to get things "just right".

I do welcome suggestions. Thanks.

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