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March 12th 2004, 18:16
Click here (http://www.germanlook.com/Html/MembersRides/ViewVehicle.php?RideID=137) for more information on this ride.

March 15th 2004, 05:37

what carbs are you running on your car...and tell me abit more about your motor..love your seats

March 19th 2004, 04:31

what carbs are you running on your car...and tell me abit more about your motor..love your seats

The carbs pictured are 40DCNF's.
Here are my engine specs...
CR 7.6:1
Case - Volkswagen, AS21 (German), dual relief, 8mm studs, case saver inserts, deep #3 studs, tapped for full flow oil system, .020 over line-bore, fresh thrust cut and custom bearing
69mm welded counterweights, 8-dowelled
Stock rebuilt rods
90.5mm Mahles
Sig Erson 200 (.441 lift and 280˚ duration at cam)
Gene Berg semi-hemi with mild port job
Valves - 35.5mm intake (Brazilian), 32mm exhaust (German)
Solid rocker shafts with stock 1.1:1 rockers
Gene Berg single springs and retainers. Chromo pushrods. Stock resurfaced lifters. Mazda swivel feet adjusters.
Dual Webber 44mm IDF's with K&N air filters
Gene Berg fan mount linkage
1-1/2 merged with custom extended 1/3 pipes to allow thermostat and stock tin - or street header and heaterboxes
Shadek oil pump (26mm gears), Gene Berg full flow case fitting, remote filter, Gene Berg 1.5 quart deep sump, steel braid teflon hose, Castrol GTX 20w-50
stock 1977 fuel injection fanshroud with additional nut welded in flush for use with Gene Berg linkage, late model fan
1500lb Scat clutch with stock disc
Stock flywheel lightened to 12-1/2lbs 8-dowelled
Aluminum stock diameter pulley with degree ring
Empi 75 Amp alternator
Bosch blue coil mounted to firewall, 009 distributer, Bosch silicon plug wires
Misc. - Clearanced stock valve covers for valvetrain

March 20th 2004, 19:15
i will be using twin 40 dcnf's on my 2 ltr type 4 (dare to be different..)
how did you get round the fuel surge and starve problem on corners or are they from gene berg???

if so can you send me a more detailed picture...

my mate has a set on his beach buggy (1641 type 1) and they run great but splutter a little in tight bends
(cheaper than idf's to buy in the uk as are off a late MG and everyone is scared about there cornering problem :p )


kafer.chris (UK)

March 28th 2004, 03:31
I ran nearly stock 40DCNF's and stock 42DCNF's with no problems in the turns...I now have GBE 42 specials, but have yet to use them.

I cannot remember what trick parts were in the otherwise stockers...I'll have to pick my Dad's brain.

March 31st 2004, 18:54
if you could it would be of much help too me .

thanks chris from chris

p.s that's one cool users name by the way!!!! :p :cool:

September 13th 2004, 22:32
Alright...it's been way too long. Sorry. The 40DCNF's had GBE ball float-valves.

September 13th 2004, 22:34
Got the new front suspension under my project `69:


Avis adjustable powdercoated beam
CB drop spindles and disc brakes
Stock height KYB GR2's
2-1/2" wider than stock CCC early style(`66/`67-down) fenders
Rossi headlights
8mm spacers
modified dust caps
modified speedometer cable
16x6" ET50 wheels with 205/55's

Only substancial difference is in the picture it's got 15x5.5" ET40 rims with 195/60's - which actually have 3.65mm more frontspace than the 16x6's.

http://photobucket.com/albums/v212/KaferCh...s/Project%2069/ (http://photobucket.com/albums/v212/KaferChris/Project%2069/)